Where is the dryer lint outcry?

Facebook sent me to the cupboard for white vinegar and then what seems to be a day long project of running water through my keurig to rid the residual vinegar smell and taste.  I had thought about warm water sitting in the reservoir for days although not the same water for days.  When we leave home for an extended time, we unplug the keurig more to avoid the ant debacle we encountered one time but mainly because it just seemed the obvious thing to do.  I occasionally run a little vinegar through the keurig to avoid the buildup in the nozzle that sometimes happens.  But, holy crap coffee drinkers, I decided to use a heepa amount of vinegar to see if I could duplicate the disgusting residue that was shown in the Facebook post.  UH YA….NO!  Okay, I’m back just ran another carafe through the coffee maker and I still smell vinegar.  When morning comes and I brew my first cup……I’ll let you fill in my blank!

 But my real topic of the day.  Why has no one been curious enough to post a “we are all going to die” post about dryer lint.  Where does all of this dryer lint come from?  If it is coming from the clothes I just took off, I’m mildly embarrassed.  If it is just generally coming from cloth disintegrating then how can I still be wearing a 10 year old Tshirt?  Trust me, said the woman with 4 cats and a dog, I’m totally aware of the difference between critter hair dryer lint and regular dryer lint…..and why doesn’t most of it just wash down the drain of the washing machine?  Is there something we should be doing to avoid dryer lint and the better question, isn’t there something we should be doing with it to avoid wasting it?  Is all of this dryer lint building up causing some dryer lint disaster in the landfills?

BTW He just came up from the basement and said Vinegar?  

Until next time…..

One thought on “Where is the dryer lint outcry?

  1. The dryer lint surplus reminds me of a cat I brush sometimes. I get enough fur off of him to build a whole other cat. If there is some eco-friendly way toprevent dryer lint, I am unaware of it.

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