Another January 2nd

Even though I allowed someone to mess with his private parts at midnight last night….I’m referring to Baxter not HIM, look who is following me around today.

January 2nd 2001, my dad passed…it’s always a bitter sweet day for me.  Very sad because I lost my dad but relieved because he was ready to go….and he didn’t have to live through 9/11 or the state of the world as it is today.  Politics and  disrespect always angered him.  He was always a staunch republican except for Nixon..I would like to talk to him about Trump and our current situation.  I would learn something regardless of whether we agreed or not.  It’s a dark and gloomy day with spitting rain which always sends me down the rabbit hole; but, while I was watching my second cup of coffee go through the Keurig, I noticed the tree outside the kitchen window.  BUDS.

The beginning of renewal.

He’s off to the Woodcraft store in Kansas, I’m going to work on my scarf….new pattern….I love it.  

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Another January 2nd

  1. Oh, buds have to be one of the most helpful harbingers! I wish I could say I’d be seeing them soon, but it will be months here. Hold on to thoughts of spring and enjoy the fire in the meantime.

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  2. Love the scarf and the beautiful, fluffy being outside the bathroom. I’m glad your dad was ready to go. I hope I am when the time comes.


  3. Rainy cold days make every thing more melancholy.
    Love the scarf!!


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