The annual new start….

Being retired is very comfortable for me.  My retirement Anniversary is coming up next month…3 years.  I find that I’ve become quite lazy.  I do what I want to do and that is it.  Because of my personality, I worry that I’m wasting every day…but then the voices in my head say….if you are at peace and enjoying it, what do you think you are wasting?

Since we last talked, I’ve been blessed with a new grandson,  He was a whopper 9lb 9 ounce whopper.  by the looks of my daughter, there was no doubt he was going to be half grown before he met us all.

I’ve been able to get back to book reading.  It’s a pleasure to settle in and read all day when my mind is quiet.  A couple of books back, I got involved in a well researched fiction book – the Aviator’s Wife – the story of Charles and Anne Lindbergh. In the story, Anne was writing Gift From The Sea so yesterday I went in search of the book and downloaded it on my kindle app.  It’s very short….around 90 pages…but so far it’s a book that I think every woman should read.  ITs hard to believe Anne Morrow Lindberg wrote it in 1955 because it could have been written in today’s world!

Just got back from the emergency vet….MY cat, Baxter, was displaying some urinary issues late this evening so I got HIM out of bed to drive us to the 24 hour vet.  NOthing serious….a UTI….although I’m guessing if Baxter could talk he would let me know how serious it is to him.

SO.  That is it tonight, I decided my only New Years change would be going to bed earlier like most people do.  ITs past the time when I should go to bed earlier …. I’m a night owl and it is going to be hard to make the adjustment….the voice keeps arguing with me saying….why do you feel you have to live by other people’s rules.

Happy New Year!

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “The annual new start….

  1. You only have to live by other people’s rules if you need what they offer. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how little I really need. You’ve reached the same place. It’s the awesome part of getting older.

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  2. enjoy your retirement and have a wonderful new year 🙂


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