My excuse tonight…

I was going to put Franny out tonight and follow him to bed and read…at least I would BE in bed ..sleeping was not part of the plan….but…I thought I would check FB while Franny was doing her business (which really means wrapping her chain around a tree and bark) and I found a post from a friend about getting an Instant Pot pressure cooker.  So I spent at least an hour watching YouTube videos about it.  I think I need one.  While the one I want is pricey, it’s certainly not as expensive as say the Kitchen Aid mixer so I would be saving money.  That argument makes so much sense to me!

It’s so cold here tonight…not Minnesota or Michigan cold but so cold it hurts when you (I) run to the mailbox without a coat….it’s suppose to continue this week with the possibility of 2 inches *rollingeyes.  In Iowa two inches meant you could still get by in flip flops.  Someday perhaps I will heal from the traumatic Iowa winters and living in the country on gravel roads.

I’m going to read now….my current book is The Glass Castle….it’s a good book…not a great book…but I’m invested.

Until next time….

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