Our last day and night at Bennett

We did our hoodie and his ball cap shopping at the park store last night…well I did the shopping while he waited in line to get his trout stamp for this morning.

Notice he will be wearing Royals blue and I went for Chiefs red.  At least these ball caps actually say Bennett Spring rather than BS…every time we go out in public with his BS cap, I always wonder if people,think he is making a statement!  FRannie and I just enjoyed the heat from the sun on our backs on this amazing autumn day while he is in the stream fishing.

I forgot to post the picture of my purchase at the Lead mine general store from Tuesday.

This morning I watched an apparent family or perhaps old friends camped near us.  The oldest man in the group has a bum leg and was walking faster than he should trying to help a younger old man with a problem in his trailer.  The younger old mans wife? Was sitting at the picnic table watching the work.  The old man walked up the 3 steps to the camper but couldn’t reach the door which was wide open to close it…after 3 attempts he finally was able to grab the screen door.  meanwhile the woman kept her ass firmly planted on the picnic table.  It would have been 6 steps at the most to help him.  I was shocked and then Imstarted second guessing myself…maybe my personality to try to help people actually would have made the old man feel helpless?  Needless to say I keep chewing on it and am still bothered by it.

On a lighter note….I’ve noticed in the campground that diesel white pickups are the standard…and there may be more dogs here than people.  This was the menagerie at our driveway a few minutes ago 😜

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Our last day and night at Bennett

  1. It’s hard not to “help” when seeing someone struggling, but there’s always more than meets the eye. For me, I am always wondering if I am over- or underestimating Barry’s capabilities. I don’t want him to struggle, but I don’t want to offend, either. No easy answer. BS shirts would be really snarky.

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  2. That’s a really good point. Sometimes ppl do get annoyed when offered too much help. But I think my first instinct would’ve been the same as yours. Looks like a really nice place. Love the sweatshirts. And the hat. Yes, way better than BS. LOL My sister thinks it’s weird that I buy a hoodie or sweatshirt everytime I go someplace. i think it’s weird she doesn’t. 🙂

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    • I have always bought souvenir t shirts or sweatshirts….used to get them for the girls too. I still have most of them from way, way back. The only ones I regret are all of the Hard Rock t shirts…someday I want to make a quilt of them!

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