Don’t stand in one place too long

Vultures are ugly, ugly birds

This is where they hang out at dusk

Imagine my surprise when I walked down to the stream near our campsite and witnessed them forging in the grasses and sitting on branches just waiting…..waiting.

Dinner tonight was singed brats covered in last nights’ chili

….and this is me

Wearing my camping Bennett Spring jacket.  I bought this jacket down here around 2000…I’ve worn it every single camping trip that required a wrap.  Notice a few campfire burn holes which happened the first year I got it.  What’s more…it has only been washed 4 or 5 times in 16 years.  Brett always had a rule that he wore the same clothes home that he wore on the way down to Bennett.  This is my little rule…the more it smells like campfire, the better it is!

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Don’t stand in one place too long

  1. You live such a cool life. To me, vultures are just another reminder of the impermanence of everything.

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  2. Those little rituals build such great memories.
    After spending time at the Animal Behavior Center I have a new respect for those Vultures. 🙂

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