Lead Mine, Missouri

He decided to not fish this morning so we headed over to the Mennonite community of Lead Mind, Mo.  we decided to let Siri guide us the short cut! 😳. Narrow gravel roads and banjos playing.
They are known for their chicken pot pies and Reuben sandwiches….the best I’ve ever had….the Reuben that is.  After experiencing childhood, we won’t touch a chicken pot pie with a 10 foot pole.

On the way to the bakery….which was closed, btw, we stopped to FaceTime with Jaxon and we had a great view of a farmer raking hay the old fashioned way.  Of course he didn’t show up very well with thensucky IPhone camera.

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Lead Mine, Missouri

  1. That’s so cool. We have a big Amish community here. I wish they’d open a damn restaurant. lol We can get baked goods sometimes or chicken when they’re having an auction or something. Everything is soooo good! They could make a killing.

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