I kept a list….

It’s kind of like childbirth…the garage sale.  While setting up in the heat and humidity, I decided that I would never have another garage sale…..ever….and afterward sitting with my oldest daughter all day, meeting fun people and after counting the money…..I can’t wait for the spring citywide garage sale.  I will have to say that I learned how to throw a garage sale from the best of the best….Kim Balmer.  I always miss her during these events…and I always remember one garage sale patron who would bid you down on EVERYTHING….a dime for a quarter etc but she always bought a lot.  And I’ll never forget the garage sale that it rained and smoked Kims  big adding machines we used every year …electricity and water do not mix!

My favorite family was a woman and her brother and the woman’s adult daughter and and adult son….as soon as they walked up the driveway, I started laughing….the adult son was looking at a table and his adult sister ran over and touched it and said I touched it first and they laughed one of those laughs like you had to be there.  MOM said that since they had been small, there were garage sale rules so they wouldn’t fight over things.  MOM’s brother said he didn’t know any of them.

I must say one of my only items that didn’t sell was the 7 1/2 foot $300 Christmas tree that I had marked for $50.  Every time someone walked by it I would think….uh huh. Come November, you’ll be sorry!!

…..and then the 12 year old male person who combed over the books.  His selection was The Family about Charles Manson and a medical dictionary for nurses.  AFter he left, Jenny and I looked at each other, shook our heads in wonder….she said hmmmmm that’s a strange choice.

The best thing about garage sales on sunny 70 degree days is having permission to sit and people watch while making a little money along with no guilt for just sitting outside all day enjoying the breeze.

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “I kept a list….

  1. Hmmm . . . that 12-year-old person sounds like one of the reasons I’m not a garage sale fan (besides all the work!). Never know who is going to wander up!


  2. They are a lot of work. Sounds like a fun day though and successful!

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  3. If nothing else, it was pleasant people watching. An interest in Manson and anatomy. Hmmm. Sounds a little Dexter-ish.


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