Everything caused static…..

I’m making curtains for the craft room tonight…a little side note.  I bought curtains at a big box store for the larger window even though I had planned to find some material and make the curtains myself.  It was something I wanted to do as a first project in my new room.  I was astounded at the cost of material.  I searched and searched Joann’s fabrics and could not find anything I liked well enough to pay the price….  So I bought curtains and spent 1/4 of what I would have paid for the material to make them.  Perhaps I didn’t think it through or perhaps I didn’t take inflation into consideration.  I was bummed.  I do have a little egress window which took a yard.  I could afford that.  That’s what I’m working on tonight.  While sewing, I had a flashback to my younger years at home when you couldn’t run the sewing machine or the mixer without messing up the TV…static and distorted picture.  Does anyone else remember that.

This is the material I’m using for my little curtain.


I have also finally finished the extra chair for the dining room.


My friend, Sue, was down for the Labor Day weekend.  Last time she visited we made red, white and blue bandana wreaths for summer.  This weekend we worked on burlap wreaths.  I chose burlap ribbon that had a design rather than plain burlap.  I like it but it was not very flexible and was difficult to work with because the “painted” design made it very stiff.  But I’m happy with the way it turned out.  This was my first attempt at making a bow with wired ribbon.


It was a fun weekend.  We enjoyed some little trips around the KC area as well as relaxing on the deck in the evening enjoying the breeze.

Until next time…..


One thought on “Everything caused static…..

  1. Nice. Like the chair. I think it’s cool when people know what they want something to look like and can make it happen. I wish I liked artsy-craftsy stuff.

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