The KC Zoo

I have a love/hate relationship with zoos in general.  The National Zoo in Washington, DC impressed me because I didn’t feel like the animals were being held as captive as I’ve seen in other zoos.  Today’s visit to the Kansas City Zoo made me feel even better.  Seems the wild animals have the opportunity for long range wandering….not like the jungle, of course, but  I didn’t see pacing and didn’t get a vibe of discomfort.


Only one pink flamingo seemed to be weighed down

It was a truly gorgeous day and in 4 hours we didn’t even see it all.  I chuckled to myself when I realized that I was craving a hot dog for lunch. Eating healthy makes you totally appreciate the chance when you can eat something unhealthy as a treat.

I hope it is a long fall this year.  It felt so good to be out in the sun with a cool breeze.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “The KC Zoo

  1. Great pic!! i’m with you on zoos. A few years ago we went to Idk, Sea world or something like that in Canada. They had these awesome brown bears that would wave to you and then hold their hands out so you could throw them food. There was a little food vending machine there. It was both adorable and horrifying. I couldn’t walk away.
    We are being told the lake water is warmer than it’s ever been so once the snow starts, the lake effect will be at work and it won’t stop. I so hope it doesn’t start anytime soon!


  2. That hot dog looks perfect. Those kind of places, like state fairs, often have mastered these absolutely horrible-for-you foods that can give you amazing memories as you get older.

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  3. Corey and I have visited many zoos and it is always a little unsettling. I was just talking about this on my Facebook this week too. The good ones are amazing. Columbus zoo is a good example.
    Isn’t funny how certain places are food triggers? Turnpike Plazas turn me into a starving monster who craves swedish fish amoung other things.Bowling Alleys – French Fries!

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