Ward to June

You know, June, I wouldn’t have to keep replacing the fuse on this toaster if you would quit pulling the plug out with the cord.

I seriously love this man!  I took this sweeper apart twice, cleaned everything including the filters and it still won’t vacuum right…..enter Ward who WAS downstairs hanging doors….using a tiny screwdriver to dig hair out of one tiny roller and good as new.  I’m in no way saying a woman can’t do what a man can do but in my life, June needs Ward.

Until next time…..

3 thoughts on “Ward to June

  1. Heh, BTW, did you play the new generator game on my blog? What were your results? Post them!


  2. Sounds like a stand up kind of guy.


  3. ❤ A friend of mine lost his dad unexpectedly a couple of years ago. His mother was heartbroken. Idk why this stuck with me, but in her grief, one of the things she kept saying was "he vaccuumes for me!" Of course her son assured her he would help her vacuum and it was sort of funny. But….it was this, that's what she was talkin' about.


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