Trying to balance my day

Like most other democrats, I’m still thinking about Michelle Obama’s speech at the democratic convention last night.  I’m feeling more peace of mind watching the democrats in action than I did watching the republicans….I’m one of those people who sits through and listens to each side of the argument as a confirmation in my own mind that I really believe what I think I believe.  I often wonder if others so that too and if they do, how can everyone not see the difference?  That’s it for politics.

After years of  begging and whining about him giving me an architectural arch in my houses, he did the best thing possible…an arch in the wall in a craft room he is building for me.

I’m so happy! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ.  I finished painting yesterday ….. It’s purple.  It’s going to feel so good to have a room for my stuff ….a room that I won’t have to share with him, grandkids or cats!

With my people pleaser mentality, I take it personally when I’m not respected.  It takes a long time for me to actually decide that I’m not willing put additional energy into working on a relationship.  I can count on one hand the times I’ve actually verbally put an end to a friendship….said…okay, I’m done….maybe it has actually only been once that I have stood up for myself and decided to not have any contact with that person and made it clear that they understood.  I have backed away from relationships but usually keep an open line because once I care about you, I always care about you but just don’t need to be a part of daily drama.  I can’t figure out if I just get too enmeshed in friendships…a personality quirk….or if I’m just afraid someone will not like me.  A recent conversation has sent me over the line. I’ve been struggling this week trying to figure out how I feel, what makes me feel the way I do and what I’m going to do about it.  The only thing I Have figured out is I will no longer allow someone to disrespect me, I will not accept cruel verbiage and I have weighed the value of that friendship in my daily life.  If you read my blog and have an opinion, I Would really like to know how you deal with friendships that go south and/or how you respect friendships.

Oh.  And while I was typing this, spilling my guts, I think Baxter helped himself to tuna from my bowl.  Oh well…Meow

Until next time…..

7 thoughts on “Trying to balance my day

  1. A purple arch for a cat free room. Sounds nice. You only have so much energy. Drama is not worthy of it. Sometimes the only thing harder than leaving is staying and being sucked dry.

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  2. The arch is great and I LOVE the purple!! One day I will have a purple room too…one day….. πŸ™‚
    I’ve never ended a friendship with words either, like Tracy, I just disappear. For me, it’s all about trust, and once I lose trust, I’m just done. Over an out. I can still be friendly when I run into you or have to be around you, but it will be the same friendly I am to the stranger in front of me at the grocery store. Shared a meme the other day that explains it perfectly for me. I don’t hold a grudge, you just become irrelevant.

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  3. That man of yours is a good guy! I love that arch! I am so happy that you will have such a nice special place.

    Pretty much I quit relationships that aren’t working and now I have a very small social network. I think I have quit people too easily in the past but I don’t think I regret severing any of those relationships because what pissed me off in the first place would still happen and still be pissing me off. I try to do it in a way where I just disappear but I did come out and tell one of my high school friends that she was a narcissistic bitch. What I was saying was true and I know that wasn’t really nice of me but she blamed everyone else for failed relationships and would not take ownership or responsibility for anything that went awry in the relationship. Really, I got sick and tired of her poor me, I am such a victim thing. I just couldn’t take it anymore. Sorry you must have hit a nerve on this with me.

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