Blinking light street

I’ve been agonizing for a few days about a trip to the DMV to register the Rogue….and just like the last time, it was painless.  I’ve decided that I need to delete my first two experiences there and change my attitude.  I’m only familiar with Iowas streamlined auto registration procedure…Missouri could follow Iowas lead and save a bundle of money or at least a bundle of bad karma.  I saw an employee leaving for lunch today and she was greeted by a friend waiting for DMV service…she spoke to her friend and said sorry I didn’t see you, I normally walk out of here looking straight ahead to avoid the hate stares.  It’s not the employees, it’s the government process with the comment card box sitting at each station.  I’ve only run into one clerk who apparently hates her job and takes it out on the public and has figured out the slower you work, the less public you have to deal with.  AAaahhhh public service jobs….I get it.

The road between Pleasant Hill and the county seat, Harrisonville, is detoured.  Not being familiar with the area I drove several miles out of my way around the construction which I found out was right in Harrisonville.  ON my detour, I came upon a 4 way blinking caution light for an intersection that was named…Blinking Light Street.  I kid you not.  NOw I want to know if the street has always been named Blinking light and there just so happens to be a flashing yellow or if they installed the flashing light when electricity was first brought to the area and just named the street for the light.  BTW I followed traffic through Harrisonville and was able to get myself back on 7 Highway to home without an official detour.  Yes….highways are designated with the number first followed by Highway…You gotta love Missouri for its uniqueness!

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4 thoughts on “Blinking light street

  1. My dad used to joke about how small the town I grew up in was by saying that we would celebrate the annual washing of the four-way stop signs. Small town folk definitely have a sense of humor about the obvious. Celebrate what you got. Or at least make good-natured fun of it.

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  2. Ya gotta love it when ppl give you an unexpected new perspective.
    Street names are interesting. Does make you wonder doesn’t it. Imagine trying to decipher written directions to ‘Blinking Light Street’. It’s like Who’s on first. Too funny.

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  3. I spent way too much time thinking about it!!


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