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After 42 years, I finally visited my alma mater on Monday.  It was just okay.  So many building changes …. Add a wing here, put a wall there…I only had a couple of feelings of nostalgia ….one was visiting the front main hall and the entrance to what used to be the front entrance and the other was walking up and down the well worn stairs that led to my home room.  It was fun to go back but I didn’t leave with the ahhhhhh that was great feeling.

Had lunch with old friends, Rod and Kim today.  Kim didn’t want her picture posted on FB but she didn’t mention my blog but figured I would get the same answer.  Old friends just seem to fall into the conversations and habits learned over many years together in spite of geographical separation!

Tomorrow I have my just over a year CT scan to check the plumbing and be sure there is no evidence there is cancer hiding out.  For the most part, I’m not stressing but the unknown always haunts me.  I’ll let you know.

Until next time……

7 thoughts on “Just the highlights

  1. Ya know, I’ve never had a desire to revisit any of my former schools. The idea creeps me out in a weird sort of way. I just don’t think I enjoyed my teen and college years as much as you enjoyed yours. I know most people love the reunions too. I only went to two of mine for Tech and they were in the first five years after graduation. I never went to a college reunion.
    Was this a reunion or how did you even get in.

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  2. I think we would get a long so well IRL. I don’t have nostalgia over school either. I was invited to a fb group of former students. Funny how the ones who were all about it, were either living far away and had been for years, or they were…there’s noway to say this nicely, they were pretty unpopular kids (or just batshit crazy then and moreso now) when they were there. Why they’d be all about getting back together is beyond me. I hung in a group of “popular” kids,but I have no interest, even in reunions. Anyone I want to still connect with, I already do.
    Prayers and good vibes for the ct scan. I’m sure you’ll be A-Ok, but can’t imagine it not being at least a little anxiety producing.

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    • I’ve thought Tammy times how similar we are. Out of school 42 years and never been to a reunion. I don’t see that changing anytime soon 😀. Ct scan done…waiting for doc appointment


  3. There’s nothing quite like old friends!


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