We left Minnesota….

With temps in the 70s after some overnight rainfall…in fact, other than Minnesota blood sucking mosquitos, we enjoyed cool evenings on the patio….

We drove 4 hours south to Indianola for a Slipstream concert at the Summerset winery….it has been said they he and I are Slipstream groupies….it is true…I really miss being able to attend several of their concerts in the summer around central Iowa.

The band is excellent and their musicality gets better every time we see them.  The beautiful person singing in this photo has the voice of an angel yet can belt out Heart’s Baracuda better than Heart!  Visited with old friends from Newton (also groupies)?  We met the brother in law and sister in law at the concert as well as my childhood friend Sue.  Imagine our surprise when Sue and I see each other and we are wearing the same shirt…

We assured people several times that we didn’t plan it nor did we know the other one had the shirt.  A friends like sisters connection!

After a trip another few miles to Waukee, Iowa for an art festival with more family, we collapsed into bed sunburned and exhausted…but a good kind of exhaustion!

That was Sunday.

Until next time…..

4 thoughts on “We left Minnesota….

  1. Your posts always make me want to come play with you. I wonder how Corey would feel about a road trip! He is traveling on and off till September so it gives me time to work on him.

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  2. Does Ronnie Marks still own Summerset? He is a RSCC alumni too you know. Distantly related to the Brady clan. His mom was Mabel’s sister.

    What’s wrong? Too arcane? Sorry. It’s the first thing I thought of.


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