First….we went to Minnesota

It has been several years since we have traveled north of Des Moines on I35…particularly near the Iowa/Minnesota border…miles and miles of wind generators…such a beautiful site for a tree hugger!

We spent a good part of the weekend with brother and sister-in-law in New Ulm, MN and Mankato, MN…..two of the cleanest cities I’ve ever visited.

A hike through Minneopa State Park at Mankato….seeing, hearing and feeling this waterfall made it worth it.

Look a this beautiful organ in their living room…

And I leave you with a picture of the Herman the German monument in New Ulm

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “First….we went to Minnesota

  1. “Hermann the German” sounds like a Scandinavian joke someone at St. Olaf would say. What an amusing trip.

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