The kiss goodbye

After a 5 year relationship, I left the Juke at Fentons Nissan in Lee’s Summit.  For many reasons that I wont go into now, I just needed a little bigger vehicle.

I chose a Nissan Rogue Crossover…and this is the first time in my adult life that I’ve bought a used car for myself.  My habit of buying new cars every 3 to 4 years may be leveling out.  I love cars and I’m impulsive.

No buyers remorse…I used a lot of brain cells agonizing and over thinking the decision last night…I wonder if I’m growing up and becoming responsible?  NAh!

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “The kiss goodbye

  1. If you need a bigger vehicle, it’s probably for a positive reason (children, pets, etc.). Sounds like a reason to celebrate.


  2. Nice looking SUV. It’s black? You will be going to the car wash more or will you be the little old lady that only drives on Sunday? Looks good though. Did you check to see how fast it would go?


  3. Oh I miss buying new cars. I hope this one is a free car for you and keeps you safe and sound.

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