Seems as though I go through long periods of intentionally escaping my mental flapping by using Netflix or Amazon Prime.  I still smile when I think of the relationship I had about a year ago with Kate Winslet….night after night I watched nearly every movie she had been in. I still don’t know what that was all about.  I find myself adding show after show to my watch lists because both providers give you hints of shows or movies you might like mwhen they determine that you may be an addict.  Sometimes this behavour coincides with a reading binge.  I must say that sometimes my reading binges stop abruptly when I finish a book that I really enjoy….one of those books that get into your head….you can’t imagine how you can possibly go on and be normal without the characters.

Electronics….my IPAD and my blue tooth head phones have made these little escape journeys very satisfying for me.  I can be sitting at one end of the couch in my little world and he can be at the other end watching the TV and we are both watching what we want to watch… We are still physically together but it takes the irritations of TV watching away for me because we seldom want to watch the same thing.  That’s it…

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “Escape

  1. Why don’t you sell the house and get a duplex with a shared deck on the back side? You could have His and Her sides of the duplex and share quality time on the deck.

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  2. I do the same thing with books, can read a bunch of them, but then finish a really good one and can’t even think about trying to get into another for awhile. I do that with movies too. I like odd kind of independent things on Netflix. He would hate all of those. We rarely watch the same stuff either. Some HGTV some Alaskan kinds of stuff. I have a chair by the window in the bedroom. I often end up there at night.watching the wildlife out the window, and messing on the computer/ While he falls asleep watching a ball game. It’s become probably a bad habit lately that we’re in 2 separate rooms, but the bedroom is right off the living room, I can hear his tv and his snoring. because 1-we’re still only steps way from each other and 2- they’re both really loud. haha. We are so boring. But I love my quiet corner and he loves his relaxing recliner after working all day. So guess we’re good.

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  3. Netflix and Amazon streaming add to my particular mental flapping. I love the quiet – or at least no tv. He would have a tv on in every room there is one, and be on his phone and tablet at the same time. I have learned to shut it out for the most part – and he has learned that HGTV or DIY channel is something I can live with and we live on those mostly. Benign shows like American Pickers, house hunters, property brothers, flip or flop – are things that won’t stress me out. I used to be a voracious reader – but my anxiety is too intermittent. It’s all or nothing. I am so weird that way. My boy lives for movies – I have to really wrap my head around going to see one, or even just randomly watching one. I don’t know why. It’s just the way it is for me. I envy people who can get lost in characters and plot lines.

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    • I feel that way about Hollywood movies…I understand the anxiety and as far as noise and the TV? I agree. That’s why I’ve found being in my little dark corner with earphones while he watches the blaring tv is very cathartic for me. I’m an hgtv junkie too. Same shows but I usually watch them alone. Not enough car chases and GI battles for him 🙄

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  4. One interesting and satisfying thing about today’s world is the ability to indulge weird curiosities and to scratch strange itches you never knew you had. The internet and the media allow you to gratify every urge and not leave your living room.

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