Somehow you know when you’ve found your place on earth

I remember the first moment I knew I was home at Bennett Spring State Park.  We were being introduced by my good friend, Brett.  In case you are keeping up…Brett was my girls High School Band Director and became one of my best friends.  He met us after our 6 hour drive from Newton and we rolled into park, around the curves by the stream and up up up to the campground.  That July it was bloody hot…we all slept in tents…he had rigged his up with an air conditioner.  We spent many camping trips with Brett and his family at Bennett. Our last trip was the fall of 2008.  He passed away from complications of lymphoma in April of 2010 and we hadn’t been back…..until now….and it’s okay to be here without him.  I sat on a bench today, did a little reading and a little vaping and a little rewind of the memory strip.

While HE did this

Trout for dinner tonight….he filleted them as Brett taught him.

Now that we are finally back, I’m positive that Brett is saying…HEY GIRLLLL…what took you so long!!

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Somehow you know when you’ve found your place on earth

  1. Memories and dinner to warm you body and soul. Sounds wonderful.

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  2. I am so glad you finally went back. Will you be donning the waders yourself? Awe, come on. There’s a trout out their with your name on it. Just do it. The water will make you feel air conditioned. Ya know, in Japan they cook the fish heads and make soup then they put the heads in their mouths and suck off all the meat and eyeballs. Mmmmmm, Yum. Don’t you want to try it? Trout bouillabaisse.

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  3. I am always so happy when I hear you talking about your memories. You ha e been so lucky in your life in your choice of friends.
    Oh, and husbands. šŸ™‚

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