Taking a break from the kinder, gentler Ninasusan

Missouri tree pollen allergies are hitting me even harder this year.  I have lived the majority of my life in timber….I have never had tree pollen allergies in the spring.  I don’t get it!  Jaxon suffers too until about mid May so I’ve been taking my Claritin, using essential oils and running two air purifiers.  As long as I don’t go outside, I’m pretty good but I find this habit impossible!  When I was in Des Moines the last couple weeks, I was fine so it is obviously something different here. 😷

I had a meltdown last night watching the Royals/Tiger game.  It was broadcast on Fox and the continuing drivel from the Fox MLB staff sent me over the edge with their drivel!  I’m sure I’m being overly sensitive because I’m so used to the Voices and style of the Kansas City announcers but…..when the moron was talking about every other ball player not even playing for the Royals or Tigers, I wanted to scream.  When He said that one of the Royals pitchers wasn’t hitting his normal high 90mph pitching he said….don’t be alarmed.  Don’t be alarmed….what the hell are you talking about…have you ever seen a Royals game.  Then in the middle of the 8th, they switched over to watch the rest of a Cubs game so we could see the pitcher finish up his no hitter.  OMG I thought my head was going to blow off.  If this was more important to Royals fan than the Royals game, I promise we would have switched over to it.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

Okay….ramped up again.  I’m going to watch Bubble Guppies and try to calm down.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Taking a break from the kinder, gentler Ninasusan

  1. Doesn’t it feel good to take a break from being nice? It does to me.

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  2. A no hitter is a big deal, especially when it’s the Chicago Cubs…Is it baseball season already?…geez, I was just recovering from college basketball or was it basket weaving? The wrestling was good this year. I always liked to wrestle. I never called it that though…foreplay comes to mind. Never cared if I won either. Good thing I was not on a team…but I digress.

    It’s early. The Royals have plenty of time. It will be all right.


  3. That would’ve annoyed me too. I also get like that at news people on the morning shows.
    Kelley and Michael (sometimes I can stand them lol) were talking about how this is going to be the worst year yet for allergies. Joy joy.

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  4. When my fil watches sports he turns off the sound. Apparently, there are a lot of bad broadcasters. And switching over was insane.


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