Awning up, awning down

I used to think I was the social butterfly.  Our immediate family has thrown around the introvert/extrovert labels quite often.  Always labeling me as the extrovert and he and the girls introverts. After an Internet search, I was comfortable with a new half/half label but I can’t remember what it is.  FF to the camping him.

I took this picture when we first arrived at the campgrounds.  Since then, he has spoken to everyone around us….he took the trash to the dumpster two nights ago and didn’t return for 30 minutes…talking to some guy about trucks.  Yesterday he and our weekend neighbor (from Union, MO) started working on our awning and next thing you know, we are in their ritzy 5th wheel with drool coming out the corners of our mouths.  Me…you ask?  I’m walking, sitting on benches and reading.  Happy as a lark to be just inside of me.

Very breezy here.  Temps in the 70s but it feels much warmer.  We’ve putthe awning up and down several times because of the wind gusts.  Here’s a pic of the 5th wheel….we haven’t named her yet.

We are parked in the full service campground this time….first time ever.  It’s very convenient but is your typical big girl camper set up…few mature trees and all old people like us.  In order to have the ease of camping, we have given up the ambiance of the upper Bennet spring campgrounds…not sure which is better.

He’s down at the stream fishing, I walked back to get my IPAD and got my first mile in.  Here’s the first batch of fish.  We ate them in two days.  Time to replenish….if he’s as good as I Think he is, we may bring some home…

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Awning up, awning down

  1. you are an extrovert in your living room with a group of people you know. You can tell he is an introvert because it’s easier for introverts to talk to strangers we will never see again then it is to people we are with all the time.

    Strangers are just nicer. They don’t get personal and they eventually go away…friends just come back.

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  2. He sounds like my husband, He goes to the store for milk. 10 minute trip, takes him an hour.
    I would love love love to be doing what you are right now. Sounds, and looks so relaxing.

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