Thanks Corey Murray for my funny this morning

Hanging on to those little rips of humor makes all of the political BS a little easier to swallow…..and I like to hear it from people I like and respect.  It helps in putting this totally hateful political season into perspective.  I feel like all of us normal people are rolling our eyes and feeling disgust and disrespect for these idiots and the process they are forcing on us…and this just underscores my rubber necking at a car wreck mentality…Bravo Tvs Housewives of any city could just as well be running for president and spouting similar outrageous rhetoric….and I watch that crap too.  The bottom line is one of these egotistical nut jobs is going to have an influence on my life in the near future.  But, what are we gonna do…no real choices in sight!

Canada…..throw us a rope.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Thanks Corey Murray for my funny this morning

  1. It’s too easy to end up in jail for hate speech in Canada. I would get arrested. On a more grim note, Chris Christy endorsed Trump today. I’m wondering if a deal was made for the number two spot. I expected it to be Cruz, but maybe all the love is gone…Rubio is still not dead either, but again, the love is gone. I misdiagnosed his rise.

    This is gonna be a barn burner. I will still be surprised to see Trump move into the White House. My thought is that he is in danger. He has pissed off a lot of powerful people. He needs to fire the secret service and get his own security…he should maybe rule the empire from his office too and not the oval office. He will not be safe.

    I am almost on the bandwagon. I like crazy and he is that.

    A late 3rd pty bid by anyone could change everything…I wonder who it will be?


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