I’ve noticed there are antique people and people who appreciate a more modern living space.  Every now and then I see a modern, minimalist house and think  to myself maybe I should try it. *laughs out loud.

There is something about antiques and the life they have lived before they were mine.  For me, they take on a life of their own and if I don’t know the specifics about an antique piece, my imagination can fill in the story lines.

I worked the front office tonight at the Icehouse auction.  My partner at the counter was this huge, absolutely gorgeous antique cash register.

I was totally overwhelmed with the intricate detail and the massive size.  It is just beautiful!  An honor to share the space with this massive piece of American history.

Throwing in a picture of this 8 week old ferret who also attended tonight’s auction.  His name is Sebastian…. too exhausted to bid on anything.
Until next time…..

6 thoughts on “Antiques

  1. Beauty doesn’t vanish just because something is old, especially if it’s still useful. Sometimes we need the bells and whistles of new things, but they do tend to lack character or even just visual interest.


  2. Antiquing is so much fun. I enjoy the Columbus ANtique Mall, just an hour or so north of me in Columbua, WI. Where have you been lately, haven’t seen you around my blog as much I you used to be. Come visit!


  3. I appreciate antiques for their history and would have them if I also had the room and the ability to maintain and or restore. I would love a room in a whole different century.

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  4. That register is so impressive and beautiful it makes one wistful for the “old days”. Modern registers are so much more useful and efficient yet lack all charm and grace of the old machines.
    Such is progress.


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