There are those who think

that my life is an open book…and for the most part, it is.  There are some joys and pain that I don’t put out there for public consumption.  During these struggles, I usually refrain from posting much as I try to work through them.  I guess I can’t control everything and as one of my daughters helped me understand…you just have to realize that dark clouds that I can’t see through are there to help me grow and to realize that perhaps this isn’t my circus or my monkeys…its just something to observe and realize this is not my deal and really has nothing to do with me….I must continue my daily survival with love, peace and kindness and everything will either work out…or it won’t.  I’ve had difficulty with this thinking in the past, I’ve always felt that if there was a problem, my role was to be the peace keeper or people pleaser or in plain words…mine to solve.  Sometimes it is not my problem and something I can’t solve.  This is a new lesson to learn and may be quite freeing!

I spent the morning, before picking up Jaxon, buying tickets for a couple of concerts this summer.  When I mentioned to my daughter that these bands were the soundtrack for our lives, she said I sounded like a teenager.  Well that’s exactly how I feel!  Heart and Joan Jett in August at Starlight and Journey with the Doobie Brothers at the Sprint Center.  Rock out, peace and love.

Until next time….

8 thoughts on “There are those who think

  1. The concerts sound great. I can see the buses now pulling into the assisted living facilities to pick up the attendees. When they arrive, they wheel themselves through the turn styles at the front, while the musicians enter with their life support equipment at the stage door. More gray hair in one place than Iowa. The only thing passed around among the fans will be an oxygen canula and some Blue Emu. As the festivities come to a close, security will move through the crowd to be sure every one is awake and to report those that passed. Ah, what a night.


  2. We are reared as girls to believe everything is our problem. Figuring out what we have no control over is the first step to freedom. Letting go of what was never ours is the foundation of maturity. “Dog and Butterfly” is poignant and all about letting go. Heart rocks.

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  3. OOOO Heart and Joan Jett!! That’ll be a great one!
    Just this week I complained to my husband about my taking on other ppl’s problems as if they were mine. It seems I’ve been working on that for a long time. Just when I think I’m doing good and relax about it, I find myself smack dab in the middle of it again. Maybe it’s all those years of mothering that made us care takers on automatic pilot. So we have to be reminded from time to time to relax and take the back seat.

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    • That’s exactly my problem. My girls are a long way from teen hood and I still don’t understand them!!

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      • you don’t understand them because they are not like you. is that possible? They did not “enjoy” the same upbringing that you did. Maybe that’s why they are different? Was that not your hope for them? That they would have a different experience from yours? Rejoice in the difference, the healing and the end of the generational neurosis.

        Now pass the canula. I’m feeling drowsy.

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  4. I think it’s very nice that you are wise enough to learn from your daughters. 🙂


  5. All great bands. I think younger people don’t realize that many, not all, older people are younger people stuck in an older person’s body.

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