I’ve been contemplating the fact that the FBI wants Apple to add a backdoor code to it’s digital program to allow them (and whoever else can break the code) to be able to monitor our “business”.  While I totally get the “reason” behind the request….to be a step ahead of terrorists plots….I say, Hell NO.  If this were a perfect world and the only thing I had to worry about was terrorism, I would say HELL YES.  The opinion for me is quite easy because I watch political debates.  The people running this country or wanting to run this country cannot be trusted with a free pass to my rights…namely legal search and seizure.  I hope Apple is able to continue to protect my privacy!

Meanwhile….here’s hoping everyone’s day can be this relaxing.

Until I have another thought aka until next time….

6 thoughts on “Encryption

  1. Not too long ago ppl on my fb kept sharing a pic of a teenager who walked by an elementary school twice in the same day. They just wanted “to talk to him”. Someone reported a suspicious person. The school is in the middle of a neighborhood, and across the street from a factory. I was encouraged to share it. But I said No Effing Way. I can’t stand the guilty until proven innocent bs and it’s just getting worse because ppl love to think the worst. I think anybody could be convicted of anything just by walking down the wrong street at the wrong time and that scares me. It should scare us all. Maybe it seems like that has nothing to do iwth this apple thing, but in my mind, it’s all connected.
    And in the opposite of that train of thought, I saw a kind of funny meme that said something like, ‘to all you conspiracy theorists, if the gov’t can’t unlock an iphone how the hell did they do all that other stuff?’

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  2. I tell the younger people I know to not do anything online they wouldn’t do in the middle of the street in front of their house. Government overreach is always creepy, but I grew up in a small town and have always seen privacy as more fiction than reality. When the inmates are running the asylum it can be hard to relax and loaf in comfort, a’ la your feline.


  3. Well, that’s interesting, but there are back doors in every one’s software and they have been doing it for years. Microsoft is the worst offender, but Apple does it too, they just have plausible deniability since the back door is entered through cell towers and servers rather than direct access to the device in question.

    There are no secrets anymore, especially on the net or through microwaves. Your phone, computer or refrigerated can be activated to spy on you wherever you are. Did you know your car is constantly giving away your position and you don’t even need GPS for it. The car’s computer will tell the right satellite where you are at on a given day.

    You can run, but you can’t hide. Big Bro can find you anywhere.

    Then there are the ubiquitous cameras and drones…do not get me started.

    Time to go off the grid. A cave in Utah might work.

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  4. I’m with you 100%. Love the kitty.


  5. I like the kitty picture. As for the back door just scary!


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