Grandma stuck in the recliner

It is 70 degrees in Kansas City today but the wind gusts are horrendous…. The local news has been focused on a 50 plus acre grassfire NW KC…hundreds of fire personnel called into fight it.  Thankfully it is in a remote area without houses and habitation.  It made me thankful that I’m a lump in the recliner and reading a book.  The memories of fire season as a 911 dispatcher, trying to coordinate 7 fire departments in the county during a Saturday afternoon just makes my gut hurt.  All the while, not giving a moments thought when I heard the refrigerator stop, lost my wifi signal and then not being able to get out of the recliner because it is electronically controlled.

There are worse things than losing power for awhile but right now, I’m thinking about a cyber attack where we could all lose power for a long time….it’s scary.  I really hope the suits and dresses in DC are thinking about it.  How refreshing it would be to know our government has a handle on our security rather than taking issue with our religious beliefs, the color of our skin, passing law after law trying to regulate our lives in places they have no business….in our bedrooms, for example.

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Grandma stuck in the recliner

  1. Have Phil spray some WD-40 between the arms of the chair and your hips. Let it soak in and then have him grab your arms and you should slide right out of the recliner with a gentle pull,

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  2. I agree. And most people are too overwhelmed by everyday life to think things through as far as you have. Like you said, one can only hope that politicians keep their focus on real possible threats and not nonsense they can’t control anyhow.

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  3. Agreed! My kids swear the apocalypse will start with the grid going down. Here and there now and then, more and more. They could totally be right and it is a scary thought. I hope you’re right and that possibility is being seriously considered where it should be!
    Nice recliner to be stuck in, looks very comfy!

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