Daytona Beach in the winter…

The only sunrise I saw was from the plane on the way.  One of those moments that makes you wonder why.  I was asleep and happened to wake up and open the shade and there it was:

Daytona…Not bad at all.  Quiet, very few kids and most people the same shape and age that we identify with. This must have just happened overnight because I don’t remember getting this old.  You, youngins’ keep this in mind…its just tomorrow for you.

We flew into Orlando, rented a car from Budget and made our way to the Daytona Beach Resort.  Nice place to stay…not 1st class but totally comfortable right on the beach.


More stories coming….we are preparing to board.  Ready to be back in the Midwest.





2 thoughts on “Daytona Beach in the winter…

  1. Right on the beach sounds wonderful!


  2. You’re coming back? Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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