Just look at her.

Fresh as a daisy


203 steps to the top.  Pfft


Fitbit recorded 23 floors



She’s not reading anything….she’s willing her legs not to give out and reminding herself that if he is going to do it…..SHE’S GOING TO DO IT!


It was pretty amazing at the top!  This is the first lighthouse we have been able to go UP inside.  Coming down was better but a little unnerving for my height aversion.  But coming down was the best of two choices.


Ponce inlet lighthouse.  Just south of Daytona Beach.

Until next time!

3 thoughts on “Just look at her.

  1. That lighthouse seems a bit phallic both inside and out. You can say it’s just me, but I’m thinking that’s what the designer had in mind. They need to paint it like a barber pole.

    Who is that old woman in the pics climbing the stairs? Why didn’t she take the lift?

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