The Feds and the rest of us…

When you and your buddy’s illegally camp out on federal land….depriving other Americans of using the federal land, you break the law, you deprive other Americans of their illusion of safety and peace of mind, you brag about your Arsenal and your machismo, you taunt with your radical verbiage, run from the Feds and then using the universal sign of surrender you pull a gun on the law and you are killed…isn’t this what you wanted, to be a martyr for your radical worked out well, didn’t it? ….and further more, inventing this drama during a political season when the news media really doesn’t care nor do most Americans really care about your little initiated terrorism…on top of everything else….poor planning!

Feds release aerial footage
It’s long…about 35 minutes for the action.

I totally understand the dislike, some would say hatred, of the crap that goes on with the federal government …. But there are laws and there are ways of fighting for your cause which does not include mirroring terrorism.  I assume the Feds did not take action before because they thought this militia would go home and they didn’t want to cause another Ruby Ridge or Waco…so far, with the exception of one radical, the situation will be aired in the court system….well, as long as the sheep still camped out on the federal land don’t do anything stupid!

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5 thoughts on “The Feds and the rest of us…

  1. I know I’ve said it before, but the gov’t didn’t hesitate to arrest unarmed grandmothers standing on the side of the road holding a no fracking sign, and yet they let these armed morons who were clearly threatening them, go for a long time. I was wondering when they would do something. I’m only surprised there weren’t more deaths. than just the one.


  2. The time has come. Revolution. It’s in the air.


  3. I feel like you in some ways. People are all about law and order. Until they don’t like the law. Then all of a sudden they compare themselves to MLK. It is easy to justify one’s actions to oneself.

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