A bodycheck is exciting

I’ve been to a handful of hockey games so I haven’t developed a passion for the sport but 10 minutes into the 1st period of the Missouri Mavericks game last night, I was hooked.

It’s loud, it’s fast…full body slams (bodychecking) bouncing and colliding with the opponent is permitted and quite frankly encouraged by the fans.  It is nerve wracking and exciting!  He and I are co owners of one of the 3 Vapur vape shops in the Kansas City metro area….And we are a sponsoring business of the Missouri Mavericks.


….and, of course there has to be an incorrigible mascot

And because it was Vapur night….Aaron…the owner of Vapur of Kansas City got to ride the Zamboni between the 2nd and 3rd periods.  Better him than one of us….

Go Mavericks!

Until next time…..

One thought on “A bodycheck is exciting

  1. How fun! I love hockey. It’s so much fun and way less stressful than b ball and football games, different crowd too.

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