1996 Florida and the kids

We took several family vacations when the kids were young…a couple of times to Florida…in 96 we did your typical Orlando and all of the amusement park hype, stayed on Daytona Beach, went to Kennedy Space Center….in 99 we went to Orlando again *crushes can on forehead* and then went south to Miami and Key West.  This was the trip in 96.

I think pictures say it all!

He and I are leaving next week for a few days in Florida.  Going to Be centered in Daytona Beach although we have no concrete plans…if it is a normal vacation for us, we will be wandering.  There is a rocket launch scheduled at Kennedy on our second day….I’m guessing we will see some of it, somehow which reminds me of the story from 1996.  We were staying around Cocoa Beach and he heard that there was going to be a launch so we decided to try to see something from the motel parking lot…surely we will see something.  Jenny was 15 and wasn’t the least bit interested….so the other 3 of us parked ourselves in the parking lot and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited…finally we decided to head back to the room to see if we could get more information on launch time… where the 15 year old announced that OH YA…the launch was scrapped!  *smash can on forehead.

I laugh every time I Think of it…I smile when I remember all of our trips….and the Girls?  Pictures say it all

Until next time….

9 thoughts on “1996 Florida and the kids

  1. Nice! Enjoy the sunshine!! ps- my dad lives there 6 months a year, he raves about “Aunt Catfish’s” it’s a food place, they go there a lot. They’re not exactly foodies so Idk if I recommend it or not. hahaha but he’s always saying the foods good and good prices so it’s where the “locals go”

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  2. Warm is good.

    Who did you say those people were?


  3. 1996 was our family’s first visit to Florida too, and we kept going back for the next eighteen years.
    Our elder son absolutely loved the state.

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  4. If you haven’t been to St. Augustine it is a beautiful historical place! We are heading to FL in April ourselves. Been there a few times! St. Petersburg is awesome too!

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  5. I’m desperately trying to get W’s to go for a few days. Okay, not “desperately” exactly. He’s not buying in. Hope your time is sunny, warm, and filled with great adventure 😊

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