Historically, January sucks

8 years of January blog statistics shows that I apparently find myself totally uninspired with not a creative bone in my body.  I don’t write, I don’t do projects, I Just veg and regurgitate!  …..and February….well, I lived in Iowa…February was always my most depressing month.  I think because Iowa winter just never ends or I thought it always felt that way in February.  But now I live in Missouri…it is supposed to be 50 with some sunshine by week end…we are taking off soon for a few days of clog reducing temps in Florida….warmth, sunshine and the ocean waves to make me feel human again.

A long time friend, who I haven’t seen in about 36 years sent me this picture last night.

While our bodies look a little weird because of the angle of the camera, it filled me with great joy.  It filled me with great peace and love…while I’m sure there were troubles in my mind during this time of my life (in fact, I know there were) I remember with love and affection that I loved nearly everything and knew I had a strong spirit and the world was my oyster…I am much older now and I Have so many more tangible blessings now….my spirit should be soaring instead of letting things that I cannot control…control me.  Thanks, Jill…I needed it.  And yes, darn it, we were hot! 

until next time….

4 thoughts on “Historically, January sucks

  1. Michigan is no cheerier. Enjoy the warmth, drink some orange juice. Relax. Exhale.

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  2. Jan and Feb are the same depressing LONG here in upstate NY as well. I agree with MB! But instead I’m just looking forward to retirement and spending at least a month or so south in a red state. I just won’t read the paper there. ha. Enjoy the sunshine! We’re going in March, it’s what’s getting me thru until then!

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  3. If I could find a very blue state that had warmer temps and I could get all of my family to go with me, I’d move in a second. I am glad they you are having good weather and an opportunity to find some even warmer weather.

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