I finished one of the best books I’ve read in awhile the night before I was gotten by the cold,sneeze and cough.


So while in the grips of the cold, I could find nothing to hold my attention on IBooks or Kindle so I went to Amazon Videos.  I clicked on an Amazon Studios series…. Transparent…. After reading about it, the first actor listed was Jeffery Tambor so I knew it would probably be quirky and I love quirky.  The rating was for mature audiences because of adult language, adult situations, sex and nudity.  That does not bother me, I would rather watch bare ass naked sex than violence any day.  Although the very first episode did contain some pretty dramatic sex scenes and full frontal nudity that kind of surprised me. . .I’m glad I kept watching.  While sex is the main topic of the show, the show is not really about sex…it is about the disfunctional Jewish Pferrerman family…their pain, their love, their messed up lives and the totally love able, sensitive, trans father, Jeffery Tambor.  If you are easily offended or opposed to watching a show with a lot of nudity and sexual situations, don’t watch it but if you are open minded and able to absorb the deeper meanings and heartache resulting from disfunctional, you will like it…Amazon Prime subscribers watch it for free.

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Sex,drugs,nudity,trans,lesbian 

  1. Violence is part of our world. It is very real and very nasty and sometimes even very necessary. Books, TV and movies many times do not portray it in the correct light, but it is part of being human, whether we like it not.

    I’ve been watching a show called OZ on Amazon that is about the lives of inmates, and prison employees in a maximum security state prison. I do not know if their portrayal of prison life is accurate, but it is a violent show and I am enjoying it. It certainly compels you to avoid the things that can land you in such a place and it also has a fair amount of sex and strong language. I have watched season one and I am half way through season two. It is never boring.

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  2. I’m with you. I prefer complicated, real life, weird situations than violence any day.

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