I went purple

I have been contemplating a hair color streak for some time.  A few years ago I told my hair fixer, colorist extraordinaire, Mandy, that I wanted something totally different so she bleached out a white section of my hair.  It was dramatic.  But then I just went back to typical hair color with lowlights and highlights.  Today  I had an appointment with Justin, my son in law, hair fixer extraordinaire.  When we were consulting about what to do with my hair after a seven week grow out, I told him I wanted some color….purple….and with his little giggle he said…O Kayyyy.

I love it….I do worry that I like it so much it could fall into that addictive thing….like tattoos.  It’s great what a new haircut and a purple streak can do for my psyche.  I feel young again 👵🏻

8 thoughts on “I went purple

  1. Happy New Year! I used to color my hair purple. I will probably again someday. Someone once asked me if that was my natural color! I said, no, this is nobody’s natural color. People are funny.


  2. Very nice! I wish I can color my hair but I can’t because it is very black. I would have to bleach it and maintain it a lot because my hair grows super fast. A change is always nice though. Good for you!


  3. I always thought old ladies dyed their hair blue. I suppose purple will work.

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