Depending on yourself

Speaking in general terms (which means this does not apply to all) I’ve noticed that my children’s generation or my girls were not stunted with fear of the unknown.  I think in our family it may have been enhanced with growing up with he and me and the road trips and adventures we took….if you have a map and a car, you can go anywhere and do anything…if you don’t pack enough underwear, buy it….figure it out.  But he and I Also lived in a comfortable shell…we were always around family and long time friends…if you needed a sitter for an emergency, there was someone…if you had a flat tire or your car broke down, there was someone to call…if you couldn’t figure out the electricity hookup for the ceiling fan, you could call someone to talk you through it…or call Georgie!  Comfort and a back up plan.  Both of my daughters found their own way by moving away from mom and dad and everything they had known to enhance their lives.  While each of their moves broke me for awhile, I was so proud that they had done what I wanted them to do….spread their wings and fly until they soared!

In essence, we did the same thing when we moved from “home” and started over in Kansas City.  While I’m very close in proximity to my oldest daughter and her husband and only 3 1/2 hours from my youngest and her husband, we moved into the unknown.  In a true emergency, they have always been there.  But, for the other stuff, we had to figure it out and depend on ourselves.  Along with our new found freedom and anonymity, we are learning to depend on ourselves.  I don’t know how he really feels about it because he can find a solution for everything…but, for me there have been some minor anxious moments.  For example, I’ve been meeting Justin in the mornings to pick up Jaxon…earlier in the week, I left Pleasant Hill and the tire sensor lit up on the truck….what to do.  I stopped on a side road to check the tires and they all looked good so I’m going to assume it was activated because of temp change.  I knew that he would not be available to change a tire….Justin would be on his way to work so I would not ask him so I went with….if there is really a flat tire, I’ll figure it out….because that is my only option.  That is what I’m talking about.  Depending on yourself and figuring it out yourself.  It was a growth moment!

Happy New Year….

2 thoughts on “Depending on yourself

  1. One word for you Triple A!! lol I get what you’re saying tho. Having lived in a small town with family around all my life, the comfort and safe feeling of that is a big plus. But…one of the things I love best about vacations is being anonymous. I have no expectations of the ppl I meet and they have none of me. There is a freedom in not constantly running into ppl at the grocery store. And what do you know, there are helpful and nice people everywhere! My brother inlaw and I were talking about this not long ago, I said the difference is here, I know the local barber is a pervert so stay away from there. He doesn’t know anything about his local barber. lol I kinda think it’s easier the younger you are to make those changes, maybe because they’re not thinking of things as ‘forever’. Which is a good thing because nothing has to be forever. So kudos to you for uprooting and having the optimism to do it. Again, tho Triple A, it’s pretty cheap. 😀

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