Looking back and living forward

This morning I have backed up to 2007….the year I started blogging.  I was rereading blogs for December 31st of  each of the years that got me to today…December 31st 2015.  It was a good thing…some years I sounded positive and articulate….other years I rambled about this and that.  The words “2016 has to be better” has crossed my lips recently….but, really 2015 has been a good year as far as growth is concerned.  I read in a book recently that we make decisions for growth or in fear.  He and I have experienced health fear individually and as a couple this year.  These experiences have been a reality check.  I have a better understanding of living in the moment because we don’t have any idea what is going to happen tomorrow.  We really have no control over tomorrow that is why we have to live right now…now is what we have….not missing right now because we are focused on tomorrow.  

This year I have learned how to forgive.  It’s true “what they say”, you can’t move on until you have forgiven the perceived injustices of yesterday.  I won’t forget but I have forgiven.  Things happened in the past which have formed me into who I am today.  Every day that I don’t forgive means that negativity will have a grip on me today.  

Here we go 2016…I’ve learned from 2015 and right now, today, I’m thankful for and content in my life!

Until next year….

One thought on “Looking back and living forward

  1. Kewl…learning stuff is harder at our age, but it’s worth it.


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