The Christmas cry

Jane Repp shared with me on my first weepy Christmas without my dad that every year she has a good Christmas cry.  It felt right that she would be comforting me on this particular Christmas because she was having a hard time with it too.  Her mom had passed just a couple weeks after my dad had passed in January of that year.

Now, many years later, I totally embrace the Christmas cry.  The tears are flowing today.  It started out this morning and I Was  admonishing myself….WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU.  I am so very blessed but in spite of all of the love in my life there is also an absence.  I mourn today all of the Christmas pasts.  The family traditions we have moved away from, my mom isn’t here to buy me all of the Christmas gifts on my wish list, we have moved away from all of our Christmas celebrations…who knew I would miss the sheriffs office potluck!  I miss Christmas Eve at First Christian Church.  I miss old fashioned Christmas carols.  But most importantly I mourn the relationships and family from past Christmases.  So…give me a little time…let me have my Christmas cleansing….then let the celebration of peace and love begin.

Merry Christmas!

7 thoughts on “The Christmas cry

  1. I just stopped by to mention that it’s 5:18 PM and there is still a hint of daylight in the sky.

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  2. Good idea, Jeff. I’ve been crying all day; maybe the screaming works better.

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    • Who are you anon? You should ID yourself if you are willing to name others or are you a Christmas coward? Just a minute. I have to get another box of tissues. That’s better. Time to head to the Hackbarths’.


  3. Have you tried the Christmas scream? Very therapeutic. You go outside and scream, “Merry Freakin Christmas” (or some variation of that) at the top of your lungs until the neighbors run to their windows and the cats are hiding.

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