If I had only lived my life…

Not worrying about what others thought about me.  My wardrobe, my hair, my makeup, my weight, my words, my personality, all of my shoulds, my guilt, my cars, my house, my stuff, my inner thoughts, my politics, my beliefs, ME!

This is not  a blog about woe is me…this is not even a blog about regret…this is renewal, this is acceptance, this is about love and hope and acceptance.  Appreciating every day, every hour and every minute.  I hopped on this journey several years ago…trying, trying, trying to live in the moment.  Loving what I can see and feel and hear right now.  I know that retirement in February of 2014 gave me the opportunity to enter into a peaceful dimension but it was the kidney cancer diagnosis in March that changed my life.  When the fear of death knocks at your private door, things change!

I am who I am because of history, the future cannot be predicted, or planned for, regretted or dreaded because what I have is this very second.

What others think, what they look like, what they say, how they live their life is their journey.  It has nothing to do with me.  What is happening at this moment is what matters and how I perceive those moments is totally up to me.

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “If I had only lived my life…

  1. Such a good reminder for the rest of us! I only wish we could truly grasp this in the thick of day to day life. It’s not easy . . .

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  2. I love how you write! Glad to know you are feeling well again and enjoying life!

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  3. inspiration at best! excellent post 🙂


  4. You have been an awesome mentor!


  5. Nina, you are amazing and wonderful. I am so glad every time I hear the happiness in your words.

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