I have a couple of good friends *cough Kim and *cough Erin who pop into my mind everytime I see a picture/statue/video of squirrels.  *slaps knee and laughs loud.  Take what you want from that statement.

This is what squirrels mean to me

Uh huh.  For some reason. This year, they have decided to eat our deck 😩

And my decorative corn

And apparently they think I won’t notice if they move it away from the table 😩

Moving right along.

I love this tree!  Thankful the last owners of our home planted it just outside the front door

And the neighbor’s beautiful tree I can enjoy from my kitchen table.

….and last but not least…

Thanks Price Chopper for the gas saver program….gas for 1.46 at QT last Friday night!


Until next time….. 

2 thoughts on “Squirrels

  1. I use the Hy Vee gas card…It will save me 20 to 30 cents a gallon per week.

    Watch out for them squirrels. They will get in your “attic” and you can’t get rid of ’em. Medication does not even work for me. Just sayin’.

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  2. Wow, what a great gas price! Color me envious! Our gas is about 2.29.

    I like squirrels, too. I used to have a little girl squirrel who had a tail problem that would come close to me and I would toss her food. Those squirrels you have are so happy to have all that nice corn that you left out for them. I bet they love you.

    The trees are gorgeous.

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