Genealogy in 50 years

When I become immersed in my family’s genealogy, I always feel a sorrow for my relatives…the ones who came to America…with a new dream, an escape or a wanderlust.  I wonder when the Swickards boarded the ship in Amsterdam if they had any idea that they would be geographically separated for the rest of their lives…. Never to see each other again.  Maybe this was inconsequential to them.  Perhaps families back then just did what they needed/wanted to do to make their lives better and missing family didn’t even enter into the equation?  What is the difference in the cultures who stay together in the same place, the same house, take care of their elders and grow old together compared to those who follow their dreams and move away from family where ever that may lead?

We all make our choices….or is it a choice?

My friend  Mary Beth got on my hamster wheel this morning on FB with comments about the fear and pain the Syrian refugees are feeling being driven from their Homeland….they really have no options…many have relatives here in the United States….how can we as a country refuse their entry?    I understand…I agree.  But, I am also emotionally overwhelmed with the idea that many of these refugees will be separated from their families depending on where the government allows placement.   I’m totally overwhelmed with the idea that everything they have ever known is washed away….gone…their history, their culture, their families.  Separated.  Mary Beth answered my question with the reality that Europe is saturated with refugees right now.  I take it a step further….would their lives be better with less opportunities and not be separated from families or is America with dreams and opportunities the choice they would make….even if it means separating from family?

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3 thoughts on “Genealogy in 50 years

  1. Yes…I saw that….I was impressed with the thoroughness. Once again, we ave to get through the politics and the hatred


  2. I think the difference is that hundreds of years ago, you probably never did see your relatives again but if you wanted to, you stayed in touch by mail. I know that Craig’s family did that. Today there is the internet so the only people who are really separated are those who want to be separated and don’t make the effort to stay in contact.

    I look at my ancestors being separated in a different way. Yes, they missed each other but I believe people were happy that the others had made it and looked forward to being sent for. My great-grandpa came first. He established a life. Then the rest of the family was sent for and came across on the boat. I think the first family was a conduit for the rest of the family that wanted to come.

    As for the Syrians, they had no choice. They were driven from their homeland – a much different reason than our relatives left their homeland. I was wondering if you saw my brother, Rob’s post on how long it takes to get through the process. Quite interesting.


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