Tim Russert’s memorial service

7 years ago today we lost Tim Russert. I still remember exactly where I was standing in the shopping mall when one of my daughters called to repeat the news.


I never shared a cup of coffee with him – that he knew about, anyway – from the “big box” he never talkedAT me, we discussed politics together….I always thought him to be a really nice guy. I already told you about his conversation with Carl about the Miami Dolphins and my other close contact was in January, Jenny was flying to Philadelphia and called me from the Des Moines airport and said – Mom…Tim Russert walked by…thru texting and phone calls, she gave me a play by play of his activity in the airport…I begged her to go up to him and get an autograph for Carl and I but she felt he didn’t deserve to be mobbed and so declined.

I wept thru nearly the entire memorial service on MSNBC yesterday…why…this doesn’t happen to me very often…the last time I think was when Michael Landon died although I…

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