Ugly is in the eye of the beholder….

….and I think they are ugly.  It’s the year for the cicada in Kansas City.  I’ve seen them on the trail behind our house but I just assumed they would not make it any further Northwest *significant eye roll.  This morning I found them hanging around on the lily leaves…ugh…time to go back deep into the ground from whence you came!

IMG_4368IMG_4369 (2)

For those of you who really know me,  you know that I”m not really very competitive.  *significant eye roll.  I noticed yesterday that the “girl” tomato plant has a little tomato on it and the boy on the left hasn’t grown very much.  uh huh.  Which is the stronger gender…I hope I don’t have to eat these words at the end of the season.

IMG_4367 (1)IMG_4366

and I leave you with my one irritation of the day *significant eye roll.  Frannie, the dog, could get her leash tied up on a pebble in the middle of a newly plowed field.


knocked the little fence down…okay…I get it…but seriously…



If she weren’t so cute, I would be seriously pissed!

Until next time….

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