My Sunday with Thomas the Train


I cannot exactly say why…but seeing Thomas the Train in person was very exciting.  I suppose it is a movie star sort of thing…or perhaps just enjoying the simple things in life…

Baldwin City, KS has this carnival like event organized so it is very painless for visitors.  We met Brenda and John, Jenny, Justin and Jaxon at the elementary school and boarded a school bus for the very short journey to the depot.  I always enjoy the little eye roll and expletive when Jenny and I arrive wearing similar clothes or similar pattern…but nothing prepares you for the little tickle of joy when you are wearing the similar bold stripes of your son-in-law!


I adore this beautiful, innocent picture of Jenny and Jaxon!


Aboard the 20 minute ride up and down the tracks with Thomas – first pushing – then pulling.


Baldwin City has a very nice downtown area…Jaxon loved the fountain…Granny and Gramma aka NENE and NINA provided him with our stash of pennys for the fountain. A collection of rocks were placed in Nina’s purse for a trip down to the pond when he visits this week.


John and Brenda headed to IKEA and the rest of us met at our nieces/cousin’s home in Shawnee,KS for dinner and to visit his Brother and sister-in-law visiting from Minnesota.  It was great to hang out with the fam.  Unfortunately the only picture I took was of the pan of brownies that Aaron made.  That just seems a little wrong…but actually they were very right!  Thanks, Aaron.


Until next time….

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