Ugly is in the eye of the beholder….

….and I think they are ugly.  It’s the year for the cicada in Kansas City.  I’ve seen them on the trail behind our house but I just assumed they would not make it any further Northwest *significant eye roll.  This morning I found them hanging around on the lily leaves…ugh…time to go back deep into the ground from whence you came!

IMG_4368IMG_4369 (2)

For those of you who really know me,  you know that I”m not really very competitive.  *significant eye roll.  I noticed yesterday that the “girl” tomato plant has a little tomato on it and the boy on the left hasn’t grown very much.  uh huh.  Which is the stronger gender…I hope I don’t have to eat these words at the end of the season.

IMG_4367 (1)IMG_4366

and I leave you with my one irritation of the day *significant eye roll.  Frannie, the dog, could get her leash tied up on a pebble in the middle of a newly plowed field.


knocked the little fence down…okay…I get it…but seriously…



If she weren’t so cute, I would be seriously pissed!

Until next time….

Last night I posted over there on Facebook that something has shifted in the universe today. I don’t know what it is..but I’m feeling uneasiness and change.  Kimba questioned me on it this morning…I tried to explain that it isn’t necessarily a Nina feeling…it is more a universe feeling.  The more I’ve thought about it, I question whether it may be rooted in anxiety and over stimulation.  Her questioning made me try to recall the days that I used to get these feelings often and those days were filled with lots of anxiety.  It’s probably just a signal from my little brain and not the universe that I need to prioritize and chill. 

It’s cool and raining today..but not what the bro and sis-in-law are getting in Kansas…We are at 41…they are at 29 with ice covering everything.  Where have I been..Does this always happen in Kansas and I just didn’t know about it before.  I was actually envious when I heard they were moving from Indiana to Kansas because I thought they wouldn’t have any more winters.  Someone needs geography or climetology 101.

I let the dogs out this morning – normally they run down the steps biting at each other and do their perimeter check, do their business and lay down.  This morning they just stood on the porch with the breeze ruffling their hair and sniffed the air.  They stood very still and just sniffed the air.  I stood and watched them…there is a lesson to be learned.

Speaking of Dog.  I’m a Dog the Bounty Hunter fan.  I love the show.  I am fascinated with Dog and Beth and the family.  I have a total crush on Duane Jr but he obviously pissed daddy off and isn’t with the group anymore.  I visited their shop when we were in Hawaii, I proudly wear a t shirt and sweatshirt…You don’t have to like them…but I do…they do not make any attempt to conform to societal standards.  I love that.  Anyway, Edith, back to the point.  I just read something about their show coming to CMT.  The comments were nasty.  Most of the comments had nothing to do with their show but an attack on Dog and Beth and their looks.  Ya.  Dog is eccentric with his long blond, obviously dyed mullet and Beth kind of stands out…But is this a reason to hate them?  They are different so we totally lambast who they are.  Seriously?

Until next time.