Okay…hot, loose tea drinkers….

I am sooo impressed with this little tea basket that I got yesterday while Brenda and I were at the city market.



the brand is For Life. Loose tea (my favorite 1 tsp peach and 1/2 tsp peppermint) goes in the little basket…the basket has little handles that go over your cup and you just stick it under the keurig spout and run hot water into it. Let it steep in the basket that is sitting in your cup of hot water and enjoy! It makes an amazing cup of tea. I’ve always been so caught up in having my water be the right temp and then pouring it into the tea pot vessel holding the loose tea…waiting for it to steep for a certain amount of time…then setting the pitcher on your coffee cup and letting it drain. Then all the clean up. Wasn’t worth it to me. This little number is just what I needed.

He and I went out for dinner tonight, did a little non-Christmas shopping then drove over a couple of exits to see the Lee’s Summit Magic tree with way too many other people.


It is beautiful and magical! I’m very thankful for the person(s) who spent the time to decorate every tree limb.

that’s it for now.

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Okay…hot, loose tea drinkers….

  1. I have a couple of those too, got them from IKEA. My favorite too. Simple and easy. I like peach oolong tea. So nice. I think I may have to order some tea today now!

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  2. That is a cute contraption. I know some people only drink loose tea. That would be perfect for them. Enjoy it.

    Pretty tree! That is a lot of lights!


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