The belly laugh….

There are few things that can cement a friendship for me faster than someone who can totally let loose with a belly laugh.  Especially women.  The belly laugh of two women in downtown Kansas City today still rings in my ears and brings a smiling memory to my face.

It was mother-in-law day – the 3rd annual.  Today was the 3rd anniversary of my Jenny and Her Justin’s mothers having lunch, and attending the Trans Siberian Orchestra playing at the Sprint Center just off the Power and Light District in downtown KC.  We have decided it is a mother-in-law day until Jaxon is old enough to go with us then we will have to rename it.

We had a nice relaxing lunch in Liberty, talked all the way into the city.  We parked the car in the ramp and walked over to the Sprint Center and chatted, sat on a concrete slab that holds a light pole and talked.  The concert was due to start at 4:00 and at 3:15, she looked at her watch and said I wonder why the doors aren’t unlocked?  I said, I wonder where all the people are, we meandered over to the door and she said – its strange they don’t have the gates up to usher the lines in – We both knew something was wrong – we were at the wrong door???  So I pulled the tickets out of my purse and realized that the concert isn’t until Tuesday afternoon at 4.  That’s when the down deep belly laughing started.  I felt horrible that I had screwed up the day…but she was laughing so hard……..

We payed $5 for parking with thoughts of just going somewhere to have a drink…because after all he and John weren’t expecting us home.  She decided that our story to the husbands was we decided to just say screw the concert, we want to shop!  The world was our oyster.  We went to historic city center, did some shopping, she took me on a car tour and pointed out places and things which had been important in her life.  It was a remarkable day.

….and we still have TSO to look forward to!

Thanks, Brenda for a great day!

Until next time..

3 thoughts on “The belly laugh….

  1. That sounds wonderful!! You are such a lucky person Nina to have so many lovely people in your life.


  2. Oh now i don’t feel so bad. Lol

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