Cousin Eddie made it!

He and I have been out looking at Christmas lights – a good reason to walk at night even if it is chilly.  Last night we started out at our house – notice the perfectly placed full moon.


I think the winners of the Sugarland Neighborhood lighting contest will be this…and they deserve it.  This is the yard..they also have their lights programmed to music.  I thought I took a picture but just a video and I can’t add it on to here without going premium.

2014-12-04 20.11.56

This year Robbien, next door  put out Pink flamingos…they were recycled and she made little hats and tutu’s for them


So in the corner of my yard, I put out my pink flamingos.  They are headed over to her group.  Her husband, Dave, said he didn’t want any hanky panky going on 🙂


What a great year to be a grandparent of a 19 month old!  He’s fascinated with all of the lights so we took him on a walk was so worth it….but very cold!


He would not keep his one hand under the blanket because he needed to I put my glove on it and this is the way he rode around.


We were delighted when we turned the corner and saw that Cousin Eddie arrived at the neighbor’s house.

2014-12-04 20.21.50

Tis the season!

Until next time….

One thought on “Cousin Eddie made it!

  1. Love the glove pics!!

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