Friday with Franny

Franny and I decided to venture out in the cold breezy outdoors for a walk this afternoon. I wore a t shirt, Dog the Bounty Hunter sweatshirt and a quilted vest. franny wore a fur coat.

Osage orange trees are dumping their fruit in our back yard and all along the trail. I can’t believe how big they grow them in Missouri. The Fruit on the Osage orange trees behind our house in Iowa were about half the size.

we were also ducking walnuts. I didn’t pay any attention to how many walnut trees there were until today.










We got enough rain yesterday that the pond is getting close to the over flow and the usually dry streams have water. the pond is very rough today from the wind and the geese are huddling. I through in a picture of Frannie in her outfit.

until next time…..

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