I can’t watch TV to save my life

When I write blogs, I love to get into that place where the words just have a life of their own. When I write, thoughts and words just merge into their own lanes so when I go back to read it for typos….I’m even surprised. Like today’s title….to save my life. I thought WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? Oh ya…from my mother in the 1960’s!

I am embarrassed to think about how much time I have spent binge watching TV in the last few years. The old TV show, Closer, which rolled right into Major Crimes when Brenda aka Kyra Sedgwick left the show was the biggie. He and I watched episodes back to back for months. I thought about the show when I wasn’t watching it..I was consumed. Reruns of Boston Legal was before that. Let’s just say I have a binge history and I’m just not comfortable spilling the details of my varied, crazy, ridiculous addictions *cough Dog The Bounty Hunter.

Now, in the midst of sheltering at home due to the pandemic, I can find NOTHING that grabs my interest on TV. In the back of my mind I want something to sink my teeth into…instead I’ve been spending time online reading articles, I’m reading books, I’m zooming with Unity groups, I’m keeping up with Family with a daily continuous message thread and FaceTime. I’m walking everyday and I’m sleeping like a baby!

I’ve given some lip service about how I think this pandemic could change me, society, the world. Cleaning us up ecologically, forcing us to embrace the “quieting”. We can read, do projects, express ourselves in our hobbies, get out into nature and actually see, feel and hear it. Listen to ourselves in the solitude without the life distractions. When negative thoughts enter, I’m working to stop them when they darken doorway. I am what I think. Negative thoughts will run right into each other in the hallway of fear and panic. Catch them…stop them…I started saying STOP outloud, then I can focus on what is happening right here right now. Ive found it is just as possible to develop positive habits of thinking as it was negative habits of thinking!


I’m feeling it…

I took 3 walks today…not long ones…just long enough..I wanted to be out there moving, feeling the sun, feeling the breeze, feeling alive…just feeling!

Neighbor, Robbien came home with handfuls of lilacs today and she remembered me…Robbien…if you are reading this, I hope you know how much happiness you deliver!

Exactly catty-corner across the pond is a cluster of trees…not sure what the are…maybe some type of cherry.  The scent is overwhelming.



I hung out with the trees to take in the beauty and the scent because I know it won’t be long before the flowers drop.

I’ve been noticing beautiful ornamental trees….some just seem to go with their houses…like this one..

Did they seriously know how pretty those pink buds were going to look against that gray siding when they planted it?

Last week we bought a globe lilac tree for beside our house.  He pulled out a bunch of old bushes by their leggy branches,

It’s planted right outside the window of the purple bedroom.  Looks like it will be in full bloom in the next couple of days…I’m seriously thinking about sleeping in the purple room with the window open so I don’t waste any of the lilac scent…..and I’m thinking the purple paint can only enhance the experience!

Until next time….

Friday with Franny

Franny and I decided to venture out in the cold breezy outdoors for a walk this afternoon. I wore a t shirt, Dog the Bounty Hunter sweatshirt and a quilted vest. franny wore a fur coat.

Osage orange trees are dumping their fruit in our back yard and all along the trail. I can’t believe how big they grow them in Missouri. The Fruit on the Osage orange trees behind our house in Iowa were about half the size.

we were also ducking walnuts. I didn’t pay any attention to how many walnut trees there were until today.










We got enough rain yesterday that the pond is getting close to the over flow and the usually dry streams have water. the pond is very rough today from the wind and the geese are huddling. I through in a picture of Frannie in her outfit.

until next time…..