In a couple of weeks

He and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary…I’ve done the math a couple of times and it always comes out to 35 years. As many of you already know, back in 1976 I was sitting on a Colfax, Iowa street corner in my car because that is what you did on the weekend…once you got tired of driving around burning tanks of gas. He pulled up next to us in his green Plymouth Fury with personalized plate, Avis (his mother’s car) and said…you girls want to ride around. Margena knew who he was, but I had only seen him once on the street on another night of riding around Colfax and she yelled, OMG Phil Brown shaved off his beard. But on that night in 1976, what did I say….sure. We were apparently drawn to each other…ups and downs, disgust and love, hate and love, growing and growing and growing and here we are. My only Dear Abby advice is this: Think of your marriage vows as a commitment. Not anyone else’s commitment…your commitment…make it through, work thru the bad times with whatever it takes because good times can follow….and while you are in the young years, with no money, kids and all the crap that goes along with it, always make time for each other without the kids…however you can do it…make time to talk and just be just a couple.


We could make it another 35 years…it is in the realm of possibility!

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “In a couple of weeks

  1. Seems like I remember that.

    Wasn’t I there?

    Jimmy Carter was president. Inflation was crazy. Terrorists all over. Russians pissed off. Israelis killing Palestinians. Colombian inside my boot. Hair still red. And N & P got married.

    Are you sure it was only 35 years ago? Seems like 100. Right Phil?

    Whatever the case…congrats . You’ve been very strong brave…Phil



  2. I love the times I have gotten to spend with both you and Phil because there is something so wonderful about the atmosphere when the two of your are together. I’m glad you jumped in that car and went along for the ride Nina.


  3. That is great advice! You two are both great people and you make a great couple. I love to see “old” 😉 married people like you two who are still happy. Congrats and here’s to 35 more!


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